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Blog - Goat Mountain Revival

The existence of God is not a matter of faith, but of reason.


Men are born free, yet everywhere are in chains.

- Rousseau

Reality no longer has the time to take on the appearance of reality.

Jean Baudrillard

A figurative language of dreams is a survival from an archaic mode of thought.

- Jean Baudrillard

Evening darkness overtook me near the woods;
I have put my coat under my head (i.e. as a pillow),
I have put my hands together
To pray to the Lord, like this:

Oh, my Lord, give me a place to sleep,
I am weary with wandering,
With walking around and hiding,
With living on foreign land.

May Lord give me a good night,
May he send me a holy angel,
May he encourage our hearts’ dreams,
May he give us a good night.

// Esti Dal by Zoltán Kodály

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